Marc Bolan  The Home demos      Volume One       There was a time

Marc Bolan The Home demos Volume One There was a time

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There Was A Time


5060446071977                EARS141LP       7.9.18                  


Running Time 51 Mins         

SIDE 1 -

  1. Here Comes the Electric Warrior / There Was A Time
  2. Planet Queen
  3. Marc & Mickey Jam #1
  4. Girl + False Starts
  5. Marc & Mickey Jam #2
  6. Girl
  7. Marc & Mickey Jam #3
  8. Dark Lipped Woman    
  9. Jeepster
  10. Get It On

 direct transfer from Marc’s Own Reel’s


SIDE 2 -

1: Children of the World (2.21)

2: Work with Me Baby (2.13)

3: Wild About My Baby (Spaceball Boot) (2.06)

4: Meadows of The Sea (4.20)

5: Sailors of The Highway (2.15)

6: Alligator Man (2.13)

7: Gypsy Queen (My Shaky Jane) (8.37)

All songs by Marc Bolan






•             Part of a series of 4 vinyl Lps of home demos restored and re mastered for vinyl this year in 2018 from recently acquired materials returned to the estate.

•             These embryonic recordings of songs some of which would find their way on to the iconic ‘Electric Warrior’ album .. many did not and remain unreleased including curiously the actual title track. Included here are recordings of Marc & percussionist Mickey Finn putting down work in progress versions of huge smash hits like ‘Get It On’ (issued as Bang a Gong in the U.S)  & ‘Jeepster’

•             Limited to 750 copies world wide

•             Exclusively and uniquely designed to represent to correct period from which the material was recorded. includes inner bag with full liner notes by Andrew J. Gardner of the Bolan Society

•             Taken directly from Marc’s own tapes (originally stolen from the home of Marc & Gloria and recently repatriated to Gloria and her charity The Light of Love Foundation) and audio restored and mastered by Anders Peterson At Ghost Sound Sweden

The series of albums all designed by Les Clark


 All royalties go to Light of Love Foundation for The Marc Bolan School of Music & Film. Gloria Jones, Rolan Feld.

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