T. Rex                 Spaceball         U.S Radio Broadcasts       Double CD

T. Rex Spaceball U.S Radio Broadcasts Double CD

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The complete American radio recordings from Marc Bolan & T.Rex early 70’s trips to try and break America, featuring acoustic versions of many T.Rex Hits

Original interviews and jingles have been added to this collection along with a complete, up until now, ‘lost’ radio session in Chicago.

All the pictures in this package were taken on the road on the promotional tour of the USA

All the tracks on this collection have all been re-mastered

Advertising will be placed in music press throughout Europe and reviews are expected also

At present most of the Marc Bolan & T.Rex catalogue is out of print

All Design & Layout Les Clark

The American Radio Sessions

1. Spaceball Ricochet
2. Jeepster
3. Cosmic Dancer
4. Mainman
5. Ballrooms of Mars
6. Mystic Lady
7. Girl
8. Baby Strange
* Tracks 1-8 K.Day Radio Los Angeles . 15th February 1972

9. KLOS Jingle #1
10. Interview
11. Spaceball Ricochet
12. Interview
13. Left Hand Luke
14. Interview
15. The Slider
16. Interview
* Tracks 10-16 WBCN Radio. Boston, 11th September 1972


Disc 2

1. Reprise Records Advert ‘T.Rex’ album #1
2. Interview
3. Cosmic Dancer
4. Planet Queen
5. Elemental Child
6. Jewel
7. Hot Love
* Tracks 2-7 WBAI Radio New York, 8th April 1971

8. KLOS Jingle #2
9. Cosmic Dancer
10. Honey Don’t
11. Planet Queen
12. Get It On Blues
* Tracks 9-12 WPLJ Radio, New York. 15th April 1971

13. WGLD Radio Jingle
14. Life’s A Gas (edit at 3.22)
15. Spaceball Ricochet
16. Sunken Rags
17. Everybody’s Loose (Mainman) / Talking
* Tracks 13-17 WGLD Radio, Chicago 11th December 1971

18. Reprise Records Advert ‘T.Rex’ album #2


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