T.Rex   Birmingham     CD                     Mail Order Only

T.Rex Birmingham CD Mail Order Only

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AUDIO SAMPLE                       https://soundcloud.com/easyactionrecordco/sets/birmingham-76-sample

Audience Recording  Audio Cleaned & Mastered                  Number 2 in the series 


BIRMINGHAM      Town Hall

Monday 23rd February 1976


  1. 20th Century Boy
  2. Jeepster
  3. Funky London Childhood
  4. New York City
  5. Solid Gold Easy Action
  6. Children Of The Revolution
  7. Teenage Dream
  8. Telegram Sam
  9. Debora
  10. One Inch Rock
  11. Ride A White Swan
  12. Life's A Gas
  13. Dreamy Lady
  14. London Boys
  15. Hot Love
  16. Get It On

All Songs by Bolan 


** a box will be made available to house these live shows 


Design Les  Clark 

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