20th Century Boy                Live  B'cast version Picture disc

20th Century Boy Live B'cast version Picture disc

Brand:Easy Action

Product Code: EA45008P

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Released 27th September      500 copies only world wide   ** availablilty will be limited due to distributor allowance to us 

Live B cast version of 20th Century Boy  with demo / rehearsal of Midnight as b sisde 

 showing a heavier side to T.REX


mail order customers copies will ship ahead of release date 





*** as part of the on going repatriation of materials stolen from Marc & Gloria s home in 1977 and the generosity of the family of the departed fan whose large personal collection of tapes and recordings purchased privately over 30 years was returned to Gloria / Light of Love Foundation during the summer of 2018. Revenue from some of these recordings is going back to Gloria and the School ..full circle as it should be ..

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