xMisfortune Gatehouse   Marc Bolan    Ltd Mail Order only CD

xMisfortune Gatehouse Marc Bolan Ltd Mail Order only CD

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this cd can be found included in the cd boxed set  home demoes ******



home recordings taken from Marc' s own reel 


1. Dance In The Midnight (2:44)

2. Saturday Night (2:18)

 3. Look Around You Baby/Delanie #1 (2:36)

4. Look Around You Baby/Delanie #2 (1:30)

5. Galaxy (1:09)

6. Electronic keyboard Instrumental (3:21)

7. Carsmile Smith (3:19)

8. The Leopards #1 (3:47)

9. Painless Persuasion (2:10)

10. Squint Eye Mangle (1:39)

11. Misfortune Gatehouse (1:05)

12. The Leopards #2 (4:50)

13. Galaxy (3:16)

14. Nameless Wildness (1:50)

15. All Alone (2:24)


  • The Bolan Society are proud to present more tracks from their archives of great rare and documentative importance taken from original reels .
  • Marc’s Home demos recorded for the forthcoming Zinc Alloy album most of the tracks recorded on basic reel to reel with no more than one or two instruments
  • Another moment of musical transformation for Marc & T.Rex Design Les  Clark 

All Royalties go to Light Of Love Foundation  Gloria Jones / Rolan Feld 

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