I love to Boogie  t shirt  & Wimbledon 76 Cd  Bundle   **Out of stock**

I love to Boogie t shirt & Wimbledon 76 Cd Bundle **Out of stock**

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'WIMBLEDON  76'   CD    PLus 'I love to boogie' T shirt    and 'I love to boogie' badge 


....boogie like it's      the summer of 1976     .... again 


Marc Bolan & T Rex

Wimbledon Theatre


  1. I Love to Boogie
  2. Funky London Childhood
  3. Soul of My Suit
  4. New York City
  5. Laser Love

The Raw Tapes

  1. I love to Boogie #1
  2. I love to boogie #2
  3. Funky London Childhood
  4. Soul of My Suit #1
  5. Soul of My Suit #2
  6. New York City
  7. Laser Love #1
  8. Laser Love #2
  9. Laser Love #3

Recorded 13th July 1976. All songs written by Marc Bolan published by Spirit Music

Marc Bolan Guitar & Vocals, Steve Currie Bass, Miller Anderson Guitar, Davey Lutton Drums, Dino Dines Keyboards

A TV production the summer of 1976 sees Marc and the band on top form, offering up some of the best performances of these songs, including the recent Top 20 hit single ‘I Love to Boogie’ and the previous year’s come – back hit ‘New York City’. However, fans who attended were in for a treat as Marc rolled out un heard songs in the form of “…the next single but we haven’t recorded it yet “‘Laser Love’ (it would be recorded at AIR Studios 2 weeks later) which is arguably punchier here than on record and the only time it was ever performed live. Also unheard at this time was a superb rendition of ‘Soul of My Suit’ not to be issued until the following year and possibly one of the best latter-day songs in Marc’s career ‘Funky London Childhood’ which would be re worked with new lyrics into ‘Visions of Domino’ and would appear on the final “Dandy in The Underworld” album. It had been performed the previous year on Thames Tv s Today programme and included in the Futuristic Dragon live set earlier in 1976. It had also been recorded in the studio as far back as December 1975!

 Included here also is a recording from the audience of what actually happened! Run- throughs, Marc’s chat to the fans and lots n lots of screaming, which one would have likened to the 1971 tours not necessarily the summer of 1976 perhaps. Whilst there are repetitions, as is the way with recording TV shows, this audio document from behind -the- scenes is invaluable.   

Tapes courtesy of The Bolan Society cleaned up and mastered by Anders Peterson at Ghost Sound mastering & Post Sweden. Art Les Clark. Concept Carlton & Andy.  Photo Malcom Goy REX / Shutterstock.   P 2018 Official Marc Bolan Merch Co / The Bolan Society  C 2018  Official Marc Bolan Merch Co

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